Setup and Prep

Setup and Prep
Once you have decided on the system that you would like to set up, chosen the fish and materials, and found suitable sources for them, you are ready to build the aquarium.
A tank full of water is extremely heavy, so you must choose its final position before attempting to set it up. The site should be near a power point, and there should be plenty of room above and beside it for access and for maintenance.

Select a strong, level surface – you may choose to buy an aquarium stand from our products page. So that the tank remains level, it should be positioned on a sheet of expanded polystyrene or cork. You should also make sure that the floor beneath the entire structure will be capable of taking the final weight.

The site should not suffer from substantial variations in temperature, and should be removed from draughts and direct sunlight. Too much sunlight may make the water temperature rise excessively, and will encourage unnecessary algae growth. As long as the tank is correctly lit, it is preferable to place it in a dark corner. Rinse your aquarium with water to remove dust or debris.

Future Cleaning
Hook up any filtration systems. Under gravel filters provide good filtration and water flow for algae and overall water flow in the tank. Set-up the filtration system now.

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