Aquarium Services


We provide complete aquarium set-ups, aquarium delivery, service technical support, and quality products to help maintain the health of your aquarium.


The aquarium water needs to be kept in good condition by means of filtration systems and aquatic plants. A nourishing diet for the fish, together with a good service record is essential in maintaining the aquariums hygiene.

Complete Aquarium System set-ups

 In order to protect the fish from any undue stress, changes to new conditions must be made gradually. Breaking down whole aquarium and setting it back up changing background
(if necessary)
*Rearranging interior design Replacing plants
* Conditioning the entire tank
*Deep cleaning gravel bed $29.95 (up to 1OO gallons)

Cleaning services Includes: *Proper water changes* cleaning filter cartridges* conditioning water and acclimating aquarium* Feeding fish arranging ornaments when necessary.*NEW …inserting disease prevention solution……

Tanks larger than 100 gallons are charged .50 per $49.95 (up to 100 gallons)

Servicing of Aquariums
Custom builds of aquariums, ponds & waterfalls
Complete system setups
Wall Artwork Etc.

Pet Supplies
Tropical Fish
Water Conditioners
Saltwater Setups

Complete set-up service Includes: Breaking down whole aquarium and setting it back up
*Changing background (if necessary) Rearranging interior design Replacing plants
*Conditioning the entire tank *Deep cleaning gravel bed

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