Ocean Blue wants to provide our customers with a Piece of Mind. With a high quality all-glass aquarium system in your reception area or lobby, your customers and clients will feel more at ease and genuinely impressed with your business…especially the children. This loan agreement with a 2 year service contract is… $89.95(up to 1OO gallons)

When you’re in need of a new aquarium we will be glad to install one. The set up for your donated tank will be free. Yes, we will bring your fish tank and set it up for you free.
With any aquarium donation fish are extra. We would like you to pick the fish you want so you’ll be happy. We only donate fresh water set-ups.


Contact us for more information
Delivery on all aquariums is free with purchase as long as the distance is within a 20 mile radius of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Beyond that point there is a $1.00 a mile extra charge.

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