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Ammonia Lock, water already has a certain amount of Ammonia. Ammonia can deaden natural chemicals in the water. Ammonia lock combats the amount of ammonia already in the water to neutralize it so your fish won’t die.


Disease Prevention is important when owning an aquarium.
Recognizing and treating disease infected fish will help keep your tank healthy and help you bond closer to your fish. To prevent disease you need a series of treatments depending on what type of infection you have in your aquarium. Some of the most common types are listed below.

Cloudy eyes has been treated effectively using Flouroplex pills. Flouroplex Pills, these pills are used to combat certain disease that can enter your tank. Flouroplex pills change the water color slightly and combats disease causing antibodies.

Icth, causes, lack of eating, stressful conditions and water temperature. Docile fish can get stressed out from being attacked by aggressive fish causing an Icth infection. Once Icth is detected in the tank you should treat the entire aquarium with Rid Icth. This product goes directly into the water with amounts depending on the size of your aquarium. Rid Icth can be used also by treating the infected fish separately.

Nitrate formula, chemical you put in the water that inhibits bacteria from growing. Aloe Vera helps fish adapt to water. When you do water changes nitrate formula helps fish move around and adjust to the water.

Water has a certain comfort pH level for fish to live in successfully. The pH Level for salt water fish is recommended at 8.0- 8.4. The pH level for fresh water fish is recommended at 6.5-7.5. Your pH should not vary more than 0.2 from it’s stabilized point. Depending on the type of tank you set up (Fresh or Salt water) the level should be stabilized using a pH Solution product.

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