Install Accessories Now you can add plants, decorations and all those fancy items you’ve purchased for your tank. Also install your pumps, heaters and thermometers at this time. Place the pump close to the tank. If you can find a spot above the water level this can reduce the possibility… Continue reading

Special Lights

Light It Up Install your hood and lighting system. Special lights are available to bring out colors in the fish and help plants grow if using live plants. Contact us for more on lighting. A Few Days Later We no your excited and ready to put in some fish, but… Continue reading

Gravel Bed

Gravel BedBefore adding gravel you should thoroughly rinse it in a bucket. Rinse the gravel until the water looks clean. This removes dust and dirt that could be on the gravel. Cover the bottom of the tank and under gravel filter. You should have a minimum of a 3 to… Continue reading

Healthy Tank

Ammonia Lock, water already has a certain amount of Ammonia. Ammonia can deaden natural chemicals in the water. Ammonia lock combats the amount of ammonia already in the water to neutralize it so your fish won’t die. Disease Prevention is important when owning an aquarium. Recognizing and treating disease infected… Continue reading

Setup and Prep

Setup and Prep Once you have decided on the system that you would like to set up, chosen the fish and materials, and found suitable sources for them, you are ready to build the aquarium. A tank full of water is extremely heavy, so you must choose its final position… Continue reading