The Cichlid family encompasses a wide range of popular tropical species. Cichlids vary greatly in shape, size, color, breeding habits and temperament. The more popular varieties include the Oscar and Jack Dempsey, as well as smaller cichlids such as Rams and Apistrogrammas. Cichlids are territorial and need room to stake… Continue reading

Compatible Fish

We’re not saying buy all these fish and put them in your tank, but a good combination of top, middle and bottom swimmers can be found in this list. Most pet stores are excellent resources in determining which fish are compatible together. This is only one combination of fresh water… Continue reading

Buying Fish

The best sources of aquarium fish are aquatic societies and specialist aquarium shops. Look for specimens with appropriately healthy colors and a well-defined example of any distinguishing pattern. They should have well-proportioned bodies, and should appear to swim effortlessly. Be watchful for any evidence of disease, such as ulcers, fin… Continue reading