The Cichlid family encompasses a wide range of popular tropical species. Cichlids vary greatly in shape, size, color, breeding habits and temperament. The more popular varieties include the Oscar and Jack Dempsey, as well as smaller cichlids such as Rams and Apistrogrammas. Cichlids are territorial and need room to stake… Continue reading

Healthy Tank

Ammonia Lock, water already has a certain amount of Ammonia. Ammonia can deaden natural chemicals in the water. Ammonia lock combats the amount of ammonia already in the water to neutralize it so your fish won’t die. Disease Prevention is important when owning an aquarium. Recognizing and treating disease infected… Continue reading

Fish Knowledge

Life Spans The life span of a fish depends greatly on it’s size. Small species, with a high metabolic rate, use up the same number of heartbeats faster than larger animals with slower heartbeats. The general rule is the heart is designed to beat only a limited number of times.… Continue reading