Ocean Blue Aquariums founded in 1997, is a aquarium sales and service company. We work to provide our customers with Piece of Mind. With a high quality all-glass aquarium system in your reception area or lobby, your customers and clients will feel more at ease and genuinely impressed with your business, especially the children. 

We’re committed to offering the most cost effective services, merchandise and complete aquarium set-ups.

We offer
1. 24 hour technical support
2. Special delivery service
3. Complete aquarium set-ups
4. Private label “Tropical Delights” fish food
5. Special blended water conditioners
6. One stop source for all your buying needs

Our mission is not to meet but exceed your expectations with competitive prices, top quality products and services that is second to none. An Ocean Blue Aquarium specialist will be happy to assist you with you aquarium set-up and fish purchase. Contact us to get started

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